Missing Menses – The 411

baby - looking for something

Well today is CD 40 and guess who is MIA?   Aunt Flo !   I think this lil heifer made an early appearance on CD 25  just five days after my hysteroscopy and biopsy and was confused as post surgical bleeding. On that day, the bleeding seemed heavier, with cramping and lots more clotting.  I called the nursing staff to ask if they thought my period had started and they assured me it was just post surgical bleeding which could happen for up to 10 days. Being that I have had NO symptoms, granted I am been popping oxycodone like tic tacs due to the oral surgery I had last week, I have no “pre-period” symptoms.

It appears that I will now be waiting until the 14th or so of February for my period so that I can go in for a baseline/sonogram and then start stimming.

I have, surprisingly, not flipped out nor been upset by this.  I figure my body will do what it will do and I am not willing to rush it or force it to function the way I want it too.  The best thing to do it just wait it out, continue to take supplements, do weekly acupuncture, and stay calm and relaxed.  At the rate I am going I will be having a Christmas baby again next year !






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