Oral Surgery Today – CD33- The 411

baby - tooth pulled

On Tuesday, as I lie on the acupuncture table, my tooth started feeling kinda weird.  I felt this pressure. All day yesterday, it was starting to throb and by the evening,  I was in full out PAIN, despite taking 2600 mg of Motrin throughout the day.  I ended up going to the emergency room to get something for pain.  I was given penicillin and percocet.  The percocet was only taking the edge off the pain but the throbbing was horrific.  I was up all night in tears because my mouth was hurting that bad.  The doctor in the ER was pregnant with a set of twins via donor egg IVF.  She told me that she had had six miscarriages and ten ivf cycles.  After years of trying, they finally decided to do IVF and eventually moved on to donor eggs.  She has a little boy and now pregnant with two girls from the same egg donor. She said it was good that my tooth flared up now before my next cycle so that I did not have infection in my body going into a cycle, which could cause complications.

This morning, my mom called her dentist as soon as they opened and was able to get me a 8:30 am appointment.  I was so twisted from taking 2 percocet every three hours, that my mom and the baby had to drop me off at Dr. Hudgins office.  Dr. Hudgins has seen me before when I lost a filling while visiting my mom.  He took an xray of the tooth and determined that the tooth had cracked and also had a really severe abcess.  He called an oral surgeon colleague and they were able to do oral surgery and get that tooth out.  While there, the nurse told me that she has a 21 year old son who was the result of IVF.

I called my mom to come back to the dentist office and she came and picked me up and dropped me off at Reston Hospital where the oral surgeon’s office is located.  I went in, struggled through filling out the paperwork because I was not only high from the percocet, but also nauseated because I had not had food in 2 days.  I went back, met with the two doctors, who are very nice, and they explained what they were going to do.  I had to have several injections of novacaine and lidocaine to numb me because of the infection.  (the meds and the infected area are both acidic and cancel each other out)  Once I was finally good and numb, they pulled the tooth out.  YAY !   I felt a release of pressure.  The doctor cleaned the area out and got the infected tissue and waste out.

In other news, today is CD 33 (cycle day 33) and my period has not started yet.  I am patiently waiting on my period.  Last month, my period started on CD 37.  I am relieved that my period is taking its time because I had bleeding for a whole 10 days after my hysteroscopy and am glad for the break !




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