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baby - under the weather

For the past few days, I have been miserably sick.  After my surgery on Friday, I woke up in the recovery room with fluid in my lungs, coughing and feeling sleepy.  On Saturday, when I got up, I was still coughing, but also had an extremely sore throat.  I called the doctor on call and was told it should clear up in a couple of days.  All weekend, I coughed up phlegm and nursed my sore throat with sugar free lozenges, hot tea with organic honey and lemon slices, and ate soft foods.

My throat is still very sore and the coughing is subsiding.  I made skillet mac n cheese with a cheddar and provolone bechamel, thinking it would soft and easy to get down… NOPE !  I ate a little bit but my throat was so raw that I felt like butter was coating my throat and it was burning.  I gave up and just made a big mug of tea and added some rum to it for a hot toddy.

Surprisingly, I am still experiencing some bleeding.  I thought it would have stopped the same day as the surgery as it did before.  The last time I had a D&C in June, I was pregnant… well, I was carrying an expired eight week old fetus.  After the D&C, the bleeding stopped the next morning.   Today is day 3 after the procedure and I am still having off and on bleeding.   I am mad because I want to go to the gym and start lifting again, but I am not going to as long as I am bleeding.

I did go out to a birthday party on Saturday night for about four hours.  I was sore and tired, but I promised my friend I would be there and I would bake a bourbon red velvet cake and a rum infused guava jelly cake.  I baked the cakes, boxed them up, picked up my best friend, then went to the party in DC.  We have a great time.  I sat most of the party.  I am still feeling a bit of pulling in my abdomen.

I stayed in bed most of yesterday, with the exception of the time I spent making the mac n cheese.  I have rested today as well.  I am so tired of this bed rest stuff ! If you know much about me, I am not the sit still and do nothing kinda girl.  After watching everything I had on Tivo and several hours of Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds, I have had enough of tv for a while. (well, until tonight when Major Crimes comes on lol).

Tomorrow, I will work on my book outline.  I am trying to find busy work I can do from my laptop on my bed or the couch.  I hope to return to the gym on Wednesday.  I have dropped 24 pounds so far and I hope to continue to work out even after getting pregnant.  I just do not want to overtax my body.

I hope all is going well for the rest of you ladies !!



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