My Period Got Lost Along the Way This Month – The 411

baby - no freak out

I am trying to stay calm !  My monthly menstrual cycle should have started this past weekend, or at the latest on Monday, which was 31 days. Today is Tuesday and still a no show.  I have absolutely NO “period” symptoms.  No cramps….No excessive urination… no irritability (well no more than usual), no tenderness, nothing !  I see Dr. Karamitsos, my OB on Thursday morning, so if it still has not started, he can figure out why my body is tripping all of a sudden.  My period comes on like clockwork !

In other news, at my mom’s urging, I have embarked on my next publication and branding venture.  I am a wealth of knowledge regarding infertility and IVF.  I am penning a “how to” book on the ins and outs of fertility treatments and going to start doing public speaking and coaching.  I run into so many people who do not know what questions to ask, where to land medication discounts, how to determine which cryobanks are a good fit, how to select a fertility clinic, and so many other things one should know.  I have had patients ask me questions that they should have known the answers to LONG before ever starting fertility treatments.  I feel that I would be able to help a lot of women and also do something that I love.  I am also writing a screenplay for a short film about a woman’s search for the perfect donor.

I will keep you abreast of how things progress….

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