Update – The 411

baby - blog update

Where to begin….  I started working with my two trainers to get my body in tip top shape for my next cycle.  My trainer in Australia has me doing an hour and half of weight training in the am at 5 and then cardio in the evening for 30 mins to an hour at 5pm.   I have gone faithfully everyday with the exception of the evening cardio on Friday.  I was too sore from overworking it that morning with the clubs resident trainer who had me doing things not on my trainer’s list.  My trainer was a bit peeved because he doesn’t want me taxing my muscles like that.

I am doing 3 (35g) ready to drink protein shakes (Extreme Smoothies) daily and eating one meal at lunch which includes 28-35g of lean protein (normally chicken or fish) and a salad or cooked veggies.  I have sf jello if I get a sweet tooth.  I sometimes make a shake in my Vitamix with organic fruit.  I can tell a huge difference in my energy levels.  I am also doing weekly acupuncture along with my mom.

I am bit worried because today is CD 29 and I have not experienced a cramp, twinge, spotting, nothing….  Hopefully my period comes on tomorrow and I can schedule my baseline appointment for Wednesday.  I keep thinking in the back of my mind, what is going on?  Is it possible that my last cycle took and that bleeding last month with all that clotting was not a real period?  I have not had any bloodwork done since that negative beta.   It is probably just the acupuncture doing it’s job. I just want this period to start already so I can start my 3 weeks of Estrace, one week of progesterone inserts and Lupron and get ready for IVF#4, which I am declaring WILL work !

Currently, I am taking Inositol, Co Q 10, B6, Folic Acid, Vitamins C & D, Prenatal Plus Iron, and baby asprin.  I am doing my weekly castor oil packs as well.

On the mom front, my mom will be 1/2 way through chemo tomorrow.  It will be session 6. She is doing well.  Believe it or not, she is GAINING weight.  She eats ALL the time !  The cocktail of meds they have her on includes Dexymethesone and she is starving all the time.  Her blood cell counts are holding steady and her doctors are happy with her progress.

We are getting ready for Christmas.  We are putting together “blessing bags” which include toiletries, socks, hat, and gloves for the homeless and will give them out as well as breakfast sandwiches that we are having McDonald’s staff come in an hour early and make. A few actors from my last project are coming out to help us give out sandwiches.  I put a request on my Facebook page asking people to mail in blessing bag items or make a donation via Paypal and people have been really generous.  This has become and annual event we do on Christmas morning.  I love giving back and seeing the smile on faces who normally only bear a look of sorrow and despair.

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