IVF #3 6DP5DT – The 411

baby - 6DP5DT

No, I did not POAS (pee on a stick), but this was the only image I could find with 6DP5DT.  So yes, today is 6DP5DT and I am feeling a lot of mild cramping.  It is akin to pre-period cramping.

Today, I took it a bit easy.  I made my famous mouthwatering meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fresh whole string beans, and roadhouse yeast rolls.  Everything turned out amazing !  I am now deciding if I want to cut the cheesecake that I made two days ago. I have not had the heart to cut it yet.

I am truly starting to go into freak out mode ! I am worrying about the cramping, although we all know that cramping is very normal during the implantation period and I have 2 more days of the implantation period.  By Wednesday, HCG should begin to show up in my bloodstream.  This suspense is nerve wrecking.   I have tried to keep myself occupied by baking, cooking and writing, but my mind wanders with every twinge and cramp.

Tomorrow is my mom’s first chemo session.  I am really nervous about her doing this course of chemo drugs, as it is reportedly extremely harsh and can damage the heart.  Her oncologist opted to spread her treatments out over a longer period instead of over 6 weeks, as to lessen the damage and hopefully be less harsh on her body.  She has already started her protocol requirements today.  I am just praying that these meds kill every single cancer cell in her body and that this is the last time she will ever have to deal with the big c.

8 thoughts on “IVF #3 6DP5DT – The 411

  1. I’m sorry that you’re worried about cramps. I had them quite a bit and thought it was scary too. Hugs! ❤

    I will be thinking of you and your mom. I'm glad the doctor is spreading the chemo out. My doctor had to do that after I started because it was so hard for me to tolerate. I hope it goes as well as it can go when it comes to that sort of thing. *sigh* ❤

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    • Girl, she came home from chemo today and was NORMAL ! She was in here sweeping her sewing studio and trying to find something for me to do LOL. They gave her a steroid. This time she did not have to do benedryl and the stuff that makes her sleepy so we are in for it now LOL. No nausea… nothing ! 🙂

      I am still having twinges and lower back pain. I felt queasy today so fingers still crossed 🙂

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      • She is NOT putting me to work. I hired her a housekeeper. That is their job lol. I am NOT trying to be domesticated lol. I did bake her a batch of chocolate chip english toffee bit cookies while she was at chemo. She enjoyed a few of those when she got back. But… I am NOT vacuuming… I draw the line at cleaning up lol

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