IVF #3 – 3DP5DT – The 411

baby - keep calm and hope for ivf pfp

Here we are, 3DP5DT (three days past 5 day transfer of embryos) and I have been feeling nauseous (probably from PIO), and very tired.  I am starting to feel twinges and little cramping like my little embryos are digging into my uterine wall.

I have been eating pieces of pineapple core and the trusty five brazil nuts per day.   I am making sure I drink plenty of fluids and eating every 3 hours.   I am craving mustard greens and yams.  I went out today and got 10 bunches of mustard greens, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, spring onion and vidalia onion.   I also picked up 2 slabs of ribs and whipped up Coca-cola BBQ Slow Cooker Spare Ribs.  I also picked up a pot roast, which I am putting in the crock pot tomorrow with a pack of dry ranch, a pack of dry italian dressing mix, and 2 packs of brown gravy mix and a cup of chicken broth.  It is delicious !   I ended up just piercing the sweet potatoes and putting in the crock pot for 3 hours and they came out amazing !

So now I am up to my ears in quart size bags of mustard greens, which I cooked with spring onion and onion slices.  I have no idea why I am going veggie crazy, but I hope the cravings are a great sign !

I had a pretty depressing day. Two of the ladies who have IVF the week before me both got BFNs today.  I was heartbroken for Kristina and Laara.  I really really hoped that this would be their cycle.  One had insurmountable odds against her and it seemed like they prevailed.  It is just so hard to see someone’s hopes dashed and then for them to make the decision to just not pursue this anymore.  I wanted this for them more than anything.  My heart is so broken for them.

I am trying to keep myself focused on other things so tomorrow I will bake a cheesecake when we return from the hospital, where my mom is going in for a portacath procedure. They are putting in a portal for her chemo which starts next Monday for twelve weeks. After she finishes that, then she has to radiation daily for four plus weeks.

My sister and I made plans to take her out tomorrow night for a concert in DC, not knowing she had the procedure scheduled the same day.  I am hoping she bounces back from the anesthesia and will be awake by 5pm to leave for the concert.

6 thoughts on “IVF #3 – 3DP5DT – The 411

  1. First, I’m so sorry for your two IVF friends. This road is so rough and rocky endings hurt so much.

    Second, the twinges and cravings sound promising. And your food descriptions are making me hungry even though I feel kind of nauseous myself this morning (as is true almost every morning but thankfully it’s pretty mild as I’m on B6 twice a day since mine came early on this time, too). I am keeping all sorts of things crossed and prayers on their way up for you. Will you wait for beta or POAS? When’s beta #1 for you by the way?

    Finally, prayers out for your Mom, too. I am so sad that she has to go through so much treatment yet but so grateful that you are being such a pillar of love, support and kindness to her. Wishing her and you the very best.


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