IVF # 3 TRANSFER DAY ! – The 411

baby - ivf 3 embryos

This morning, I got up, showered, did my injections and rammed all the stuff I was supposed to put up the hoo haaa in…  Went downstairs for breakfast and awaited patiently, while operating on little sleep, for my driver.

I arrived super early at my clinic and I was escorted upstairs to the spa to change into a spa robe and slippers and then I sat in the resting room by the fireplace until it was time for my acupuncture.

baby- cny resting room spaI was so glad to get on the acupuncture table because it is heated !  Yaaaaaaaas !   I was in heaven.

I did my hour long acupuncture session, went back to the resting room and fell asleep while waiting for my transfer.  It was supposed to be at 9:30 am but they were a bit behind with the retrievals going on downstairs.  The nurse eventually came to get me and I went downstairs to my procedure room and Stacy, my nurse got me on the table and we waited for Dr. Ditkoff to come in to give me an update on my embryos that were to be transferred.  He came in and told me that were transferring three embryos, one frozen and two fresh.  They were all blastocysts and the frozen was a 5AB after thawing and the fresh were both BBs.

They went to insert the catheter and of course my uterus was tilted so they had to corkscrew into my cervix and the other catheter which is less flexible, went right in.  Un-com-fort-a-ble !

The three embryos were transferred to my womb beautifully and I just rested for 30 mins.  I was taken back downstairs for my second hour of acupuncture and then I got dressed, went back downstairs to the lobby to let Stacy know I was ready for an intralipid infusion and I made a cup of hot chocolate.

During my infusion, Aileen, the other nurse brought me a plate of these awesome cookies.  I got star treatment, as usual.   The nursing staff and doctors at CNY Albany are always superb !

After my now weekly intralipid infusion, my driver picked me up and took me to Carrabbas to pick up my take out.

I came back to the hotel, sent my box for Fedex down and heated up my soup and spaghetti with meat sauce and ate like a little pig.

I am now lying in bed and relaxing.  I will be taking it very easy the next two weeks until my beta.  I am not lifting a blessed thing but a fork and a bar of soap !  🙂

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