One More Day – The 411

baby - one more day praise the lord

One more day and my little babies will be nestled in my womb where they belong !!   I am excited and scared at the same time.

Today, one of my besties gave birth to her son a few days early.  Of course it was on the day of her baby shower !  I told her fiancee that the shower should be done 6-8 weeks before the due date, but his mom wanted to throw the shower as a surprise and they decided to do it the Sunday before her Thursday due date.  Because of the timing, I knew I was not going to be able to make it because I would be away having my procedures done or I would have completed the procedures and be unable to travel for the shower while on my 2WW.

I am praying that both my embryos are still doing their thing and that the frozen one survives the thaw in the morning.  That will make my morning to get there and all three are ready to come home !

Now, all I can do it trust that God’s got this.

I am ridiculously bored and ready to go HOME !   I have been held up in my hotel room for a week.  It is freezing outside so I have only gone out a few times.

I am looking forward to going to The Tailored Tea tomorrow after my procedure for scones and getting the driver to swing by Carrabbas to get my soup !  I love their chicken soup, even though it is a bit spicy…  This time change is KILLING me !

The PIO and Endometrin have me extremely tired.  I have been napping like an old person LOL.

Please cover my three babies in prayer !   Will update tomorrow ~

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