Twas The Night Before Retrieval – The 411

keep calm - just one more day

This morning, I arrived in Albany and the car service picked me up and delivered me safely to my hotel.  I checked in early and then the hotel staff took me to the grocery store.  I picked up a few groceries to get me through my stay, as my suite has a kitchen in it.

I came back, made a few burgers to get me through today and tomorrow, whipped up a baked potato, ate and then sat down to rest.

After a few hours, I met a guy for coffee at Starbucks across the street that I met on  He is really cute, from Austria, and is 6’4.   He is a financial advisor and is pretty laid back.  We sat and talked for a few hours and then he walked me back to the hotel, had a glass of wine in the lobby and then he went home.  I came in and did my neupogen injection and took my prednisone.

We agreed to meet again for dessert and coffee in a day or so.

This dating thing is not as awkward as I thought it would be.  Well, I guess when you are hanging out with someone who has something in common with you, it is not too shabby.

My clinic sent me a message today that a production company contacted them about casting me for a show about SMBC.  The production company also sent me an inbox on FB.  I reached out to them and am awaiting one of the producers to call me to discuss.

I am very excited about my procedure tomorrow and am praying for good healthy mature eggs and an awesome fertilization report !

I will update tomorrow after I get in as to how many eggs they aspirate.

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