IVF #3 Stim Day 13 – FINALLY ! – The 411

baby - lets get this party started pink keep calm

baby - IVF3 stim day 1

Tonight was my FINAL stim injection !   Tomorrow morning I have a monitoring appointment and will trigger at 9pm if all goes according to plan.   I noticed that by icing for 15 minutes with a solid block of ice, I did not have any bruises this time around.  I do not know how much of that is attributed to not doing Lovenox prior to retrieval this time or not.

I mixed all my meds and did my two injections and then put a homeopathic pain relief gel on my tummy.

The “over-bloat”, gassy feeling I have had all week has disappeared, thank goodness !  I am really happy about that, though sneaky little thoughts come in and I wonder if my ovaries went down or something.  I guess things have stretched out enough or I am just not as cognizant of it.  My tummy looks like I am about 4 months pregnant so maybe the fluid is just more upwards… who knows.   As long as everything looks good at monitoring tomorrow, I will be happy.

I am looking forward to having a week of solitude and quiet.  I will be going food hunting with one of my nurses from my clinic.  We are going to the tea room and we will also go to some restaurant she swears by for vegetables.  I have been on a serious greens kick.  I ate an entire pot of mustard greens and spring onion like it was ice cream in the past day ! I need help LOL.  During my first stim cycle and pregnancy, I craved cooked vegetables, especially mustards all day long !  The second cycle I only craved pollo a la brasa with the cilantro pesto sauce.

As I am sitting here typing, I think I spoke to soon !  My abdomen feel TIGHT.  I have not been sitting straight up much all weekend, so that is probably why I didn’t feel this water balloon about the hoo haa feel.

Anyway, I am going to finish packing my clothes for the trip and then am going to finish watching “Sex Tape” with Cameron Diaz that I rented on demand.

I am getting really excited about my cycle and feel good about it.  I think three times is a charm !

2 thoughts on “IVF #3 Stim Day 13 – FINALLY ! – The 411

  1. Yay! I am waiting in anticipation of your report today and so excited for you to get this party started. I love greens and have been craving them too, you made me want to go home tonight and cook up a pot myself – yum!


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