IVF #3 Stim Day 12- The 411

baby - bloating

Today is my 12th day of stims !  I feel like I am harboring two water balloons in my pelvis !  LAUD ! I only have hopefully one more injection tomorrow night and then on Monday, I will should be triggering at 9 pm.  #fingerscrossed.  I got in an acupuncture session this morning and will go another on Monday after my monitoring appointments.

I mixed my meds and did my injections while eating dinner at the table and I completely freaked out my sister lol.  It has become so common place that I do these that I just whip out my needles and mix and eat then inject all in one sitting.  My mom is used to seeing me do it lol.

My other sister, who is an RN just got here today to visit with our mom.  I guess my text messages and pleading to COME HOME and see our mom hit a nerve somewhere.  My mom was ecstatic to see the kids and my sister, so I am very happy !  Both my sisters are here at mom’s house and she has all three of her girls and most of the grandkids here.

baby - IVF3 stim day 1

I need advice from you ladies on how I should handle my pursuit of motherhood and dating.  At what point should I even mention it?  I am apprehensive about mentioning my ivf tries because there are no guarantees and I also do not want to run off potential life partners by mentioning something even a married man freaks out over – KIDS !  What would you do?  How have you handled things?

3 thoughts on “IVF #3 Stim Day 12- The 411

  1. Ugh WP is SO hard to use on my phone, it posted before O finished! Anyway, i believe the right man will come along who is on the same page regarding children! And if he comes while you’re doing IVF (Fingers crossed you won’t be much longer) then he can encourage your thru it. Praying for your miracle baby. 🙂

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  2. Ugh – you must be so uncomfortable! It will all be worth it… soon. As for dating and disclosing, I have zero experience in that department while doing ART (and amazed you are juggling both – what a superhero!) but my two cents are that clearly the most important thing in your life is your babies and making them. While ordinarily I’m big on candour and honesty there isn’t a good man alive who would distract me from my path if I were in your shoes. So I’d use the dating as a source of fun and entertainment and only when or if things feel like they might be legit with a fella would I consider sharing where I was at with the IVF and baby-making plans. Of course, however you approach it will be authentic to you and that’s what counts. Meanwhile, good on you for gathering the sisters to rally around your Mom.

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