IVF #3 Stim Day 10 – The 411

baby - IVF3 stim day 1

Today is stim day TEN !   I feel like I have two water balloons where my ovaries sit.   I feel pretty good and am excited about this cycle.

Today, I went out and got all the stuff I will need while I am in Albany.  I got my gatorade and all my meds together and will start packing tomorrow.   I have in my head what I will take with me, especially since the Fall has come to visit in full force.

Tonight, I mixed my meds and did the injections and just popped the last two prednisone for the night.

I am going to relax after eating a great dinner I made and spend an hour on Match and EHarmony while I wait for Scandal to come on. 🙂

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