Cancer Sucks ! – The 411

fuck cancer

My mother went into to see her breast surgeon this morning.  The bad news is that the cancer they found is a really nasty cancer.  The doctor said that had her oncologist acted when she initially told him about it and not told her that she did NOT have cancer again, it would have involved very minimal surgery.  They could not tell if this tumor is a new cancer occurrence or if it is a metastasized cancer.  Because the lymph nodes were removed eight years ago, the breast will find other places to drain, a new path, and it can not be determined where unless cancer shows up elsewhere in her body.

Because the cancer was found at a stage two, the doctor says that she will be fine.  She is just very sorry that the other doctor flubbed this and now she has to do chemo, radiation, meds AND two more surgeries.

I am beyond blown over this.  It is not fair.  My mom is the sweetest, most giving, wholesome and honest people I know.  Why?

5 thoughts on “Cancer Sucks ! – The 411

  1. I’m so very sorry for your mother and for you. After battling cancer once, I can’t imagine having to go through it all again. My thoughts are with your mother. ❤


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