Flu Shot – The 411

baby - flu shot

OPPS !!!  I forgot to mention that on Saturday, when I finally was able to leave the house for a grocery store run, I called my RE from the parking lot to inquire about getting a flu shot since I was stimming.  The clinic okay’d me to go ahead.

I got my flu shot and came home and took 2 Tylenol to ward off symptoms.   I am glad that I got my flu vaccine now instead of waiting and doing it while pregnant !

4 thoughts on “Flu Shot – The 411

    • I am trying to get excited now LOL. My sister has been an incredible disappointment throughout this ordeal with my mom. I keep forgetting that everyone is not as giving a spirit as I am. I keep measuring people by what I would do and the world simply does not work like that. Lesson learned… skin toughened…. so the next time she needs something I will unapologetically say HELL NO ! 🙂

      NOW, that I am putting the focus back on me, my eggs, my success, I am starting to REALLY get into this cycle and I do feel good about it. I feel some twins in my near future 🙂 PLAY DATE??? 🙂

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      • Atta girl! I’m sorry about the familial disappointment. I know how hard that disequilibrium can be. I don’t think I’ll be having twins (though I’d be delighted, I just don’t think it’s in the cards for me given all my issues) but a play date would be brilliant regardless of how many there are at play! Wishing you so much luck in the coming days. Pouring on the prayers!

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