IVF #3 Stims Day 2 and Update On Mom’s Surgeries – The 411

God Is Good

Today my mom had her surgeries at 2pm.  We arrived at the hospital at noon and checked in and then my mom had to go to Nuclear Medicine for a biopsy.  Shortly after we were taken back to her pre-op room and she was put into a gown and her IV was started.  They took her back shortly before 2pm and my sister, nieces and I sat and patiently waited and an hour and half later, the Oncologist/Breast Specialist, Dr. Feldman, came out and said the first surgery went well.  There were NO lymph nodes involved so she was ecstatic about that.  The plastic surgeon was now operating on her, removing the implant and putting in the tissue expander and it should be about an hour, if that.  At 4:10 pm, the plastic surgeon, Dr. Gartside, came out and said it went very well and that she would recommend we take her home in lieu of letting her stay overnight.  There is less risk of infection and no flu bugs floating around the house.  So she said when my mom wakes up, we can decide then.  We had to wait 2 hours to be able to see our mom.  We finally went back after 6pm and she was awake and we told her should could go home after recovery if she wanted, and of course she wanted to go home.  We got her dressed and they discharged her and we got her home and settled.

baby - IVF3 stim day 1

Tonight is my second night of stim meds.  I came in the house and mixed everything with the quickness and iced and injected.  Now, I will settle in, watch today’s soap operas then watch Law and Order Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds.

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