IVF #3 – CD 3 Baselines and Cysts – The 411

baby - ovarian cyst

Today, I got back in town at 6:30 am just in time to make my 7:15 am check in for baselines.  I went and got my blood drawn and then had my baseline ultrasound done.

My clinic called to tell me what I already knew… I have cysts, this time on my right ovary and there are FOUR of those bad boys and they are the size of follicles a few days before trigger !  UGH !!!

Because draining them could result in them filling back up, they gave me the option to stay on the Lupron 10 units and recheck in a week in hopes that the Lupron will do it’s job and get rid of the cysts, or cancel this cycle and start birth control pills for a month to get rid of the cysts.  I will take Lupron for 500 Alex !  I rebuke this nonsense !  Estrace for some reason causes me to develop cysts.  I am going to pray really really hard that the cysts go away by next week so I can continue on this cycle.

The plus side to the cycle of stims being delayed is that my mom’s surgery is on Wednesday next week and this push back could allow her to go with me to Albany at the end of the month for retrieval and transfer !!!  #winning!

In other news, my mom and I had a great and relaxing trip this weekend.   I also met someone online who seems to be really nice. He is a doctor and lives in Washington DC.I am chatting with a couple of other guys who seem to be sweet as well, so… More to come….

All of my fellow blogger sistas, PLEASE send up some prayers, some fairy dust, baby dust, well wishes, and any other positive forms you can muster that these cysts go bye bye and I can stim and get these twins underway !! 🙂

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