IVF # 3 – Cycle Day 1 – The 411

baby - lets get this party started pink keep calmUnexpectedly as I was in the garage about to hop in the car to go to the movies with my mom this morning, I felt this little gush and I ran in the house to see what was going on and lo and behold, my PERIOD STARTED !!!  Can you say HEAVY !  UGH.  I had no cramping… no twinges…  Aunt Flo just showed up with a vengeance !  I absolutely HATE clotting.  It messes every freaking thing up because tampons are not going absorb when clots are present so you have to change them frequently and SHE does NOT use pads!  I HATE the feeling of something running and the thought of messing up my clothing is not appealing either.

I was relieved that the clotting stopped and the bleeding lightened up after a few hours because we are leaving this afternoon for the trip and I was dreading having to deal with this all weekend !

Now I am in the mad rush to get my Menopur here by Tuesday.  I have one box left from last cycle and I also have all of my other meds except the Menopur.  I was able to get Menopur pretty cheap some from another patient who has left overs.  Being about to buy meds from other women who have gotten their BFP or who have abandoned their treatments after a BFN has been a blessing !  I can use that money to do other things, like buy baby equipment and furniture.  I will donate any meds I have left over after I get pregnant and make it past 7 months.

I am really upset that my period started early because that just pushed up my egg retrieval date to the week that my mom has her surgery or the week after.  I was going to have a 2 week retrieve.  Now I will just fly in and out the day of my retrieval and then come back in 5 days for my transfer and leave the same day again.  I am not going to stay in Albany for a whole week by myself.  I am thinking about not having the film crew film this IVF.  I am tired of being on display.  I have not even looked at the footage from the first 2 IVFs.

In other news…. guess what I got?

baby - ivf 3 PIO

Yep… butt injections.  Progesterone In Oil !  I have avoided this like the plague since IVF #1 but the 22 gauge needles have found a way into my life 😦   I will be doing PIO in addition to Endometrin after my retrieval.

I swear my kids better be saints and NEVER give me a day of grief with all I am going through just to have them LOL.  We can all hope right? 🙂

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