Damn You Endometrin !! – The 411

I am on my 3rd week of taking Estrace and had to add Endometrin progesterone support today.  The last time I took it after my transfer, I had yeast infection type symptoms and little bumps in my bum.  Well, guess what?  IT IS NOT YEAST !  Women develop the equivalent of JOCK ITCH !

baby - hydrocortisone baby - lamisil

Not long after I took the first dose did the burning and itching start !  I tried applying Aquaphor, and it did not help.  I reached out to my nurse on Facebook and told her what was going on.

So, I was told by my nurse to apply hydrocortisone cream and Lamisil or Lotrimin twice a day and to also use a hand held blow dryer to dry out my hoo-haa after showers.  The goal is to keep it as dry as possible down there.  At night, I am to remove panties and sleep with a towel under me to allow things to “air out !”

The things we go through all to have babies !  #embarassing

5 thoughts on “Damn You Endometrin !! – The 411

  1. Good grief, this is horrible! I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I’m with Stef – can you switch to PIO? I can’t remember if you were on this in the prior cycles though I don’t recall that. My understanding is that blood levels are more accurately measured with PIO anyway and since progesterone helps regulate immune function I actually chose it this time (masochism aside).

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