IVF # 3 – Supplements And The Start of Stims – The 411

baby - ivf 3 supplements

This morning, I started my new supplement regimen for IVF #3 full force !

I had my morning acupuncture session and Dr. Fan started me on two different herbal supplements in addition to the ones my RE has me on.

My new supplement regimen for the next 3 wks is as follows:

Synthroid (150mg)

Prenatal Plus (prescription prenatal) (am only)

4g per day Inositol

600 mg per day Co Q 10 (200mg 3xs a day)

4 mg per day Estrace (2mg 2 xs a day)

Biotin (5000mcg)


Folic Acid (8mg a day)

Vitamin D (1200mg a day – prescription)

Innate Whole Food Prenatal Vitamin (pm only)

Bu Gu Zhi Fang (2 tablets 3xs a day)

Ba Zhen Pian (10 tablets 3xs a day)

During week three, I will take progesterone supplements vaginally twice a day (Endometrin 100mg tablets).

I will begin Lupron injections (10mg) the week after the progesterone.  After I start the other stim meds (300 Gonal F and 300 Menopur), I will also be doing Neupogen injections every day.

Here’s to a bunch of pills, hooo haaa tabs and rigid ingestion schedule to get some healthy babies in July ! 🙂



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