BFN and The Quest to Replace This Cycle – The 411

baby - BFN 2

As I suspected, this cycle was a complete bust !   I wasn’t going to go in for beta yesterday but one of the nurses called and said I should go in because the HPT could be wrong.  I went after lunch, knowing that it would still be >1. 

This morning, the nurse called and left a message to tell me that the beta was negative, she was so sorry and to call with my period. 

I spoke with some other patients and asked additional questions I had about the fact that my E2 peaked at 148 this cycle and it was not posted until after my retrieval.  My first cycle the E2 peaked at 1430.  This cycle, I only had 3 follicles on right and 1 on left at baseline and I wanted to stop the cycle.  I had questions about the autoimmune protocol and many concerns about beefing it up and the only change made was an increase in the intralipids and a decrease in my prednisone.  I wanted my prednisone increased to 20 mg because it worked for others.  I also wanted neupogen and was talked out of it saying it has not been shown to be effective. I also wanted to try HCG injected into the uterus before transfer and that was brushed off as well.  My RE was on vacation while I was on stims, so I was not able to adequately address this transfer stuff prior to retrieval and had to as at procedure. At retrieval, out of 12 follicles counted at baseline, only 4 IMMATURE eggs were retrieved.  That is indicative of too high dosage of meds (which damage eggs) and too soon a trigger.

I am very disappointed in how this cycle went and I am going to talk to the owner of CNY about replacing this cycle.  I do not feel it fair to make me lose a cycle because someone decided it was okay to continue with a peak E2 of 148.  I knew when I saw that that something was wrong and this cycle would yield nothing.  The fact that all eggs were immature and the next day they miraculously they matured but did not seem to want to fertilize all pointed to a terrible cycle.

This morning, I called and left a message on Dr. Kiltz’s cell phone to give me a call regarding my failed cycle.   I am hoping that he will replace this cycle.  If he will, then I am told I have to pay the$450 anesthesiologist’s fee. 

I am seeing my acupuncturist again, Dr. Arthur Fan, who is a fertility specialist.  I will start herbs again and continue to pay $299 a week for acupuncture treatment, which proved effective the first cycle.  I didn’t do acupuncture until the day of transfer this time and then went last Wednesday.  Dr. Fan said my tongue looked terrible.  I need to work on my blood circulation and kidney function.

Today, I am starting my regimen of 600mg a day of CoQ10, 4g Inositol, baby asprin, Prenatal Plus, folic acid, B6, B12, biotin and the Innate whole food prenatal vitamins.

Today, my sister and I do with my mom for her biopsy.  I am praying that the mass is benign or just scar tissue.  I can not fathom NOT having a baby and also NOT having my best friend / Mom !  Life can NOT be that cruel…




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