Niagara Falls The Day Before Retrieval – The 411

Niagara Falls august 24

This morning, my mother and I went over to the Niagara State National Park and took a boat ride around the Falls on the Maid of the Mist.  The picture above is one I took with my camera phone as we got pretty close to the Falls. 

After spending time at the Falls, we hopped in the car and drove the 4 1/2 hours to Albany, unpacked the car, unpacked luggage in our suite, and then went to dinner at Cracker Barrel.  My mother is in love with their Sunday Chicken dinner !

We went grocery shopping and then I went to Staples to hunt down a portable hard drive that my film crew texted me to pick up to store the footage tomorrow. 

I am relaxing in the suite, eating fresh popped organic popcorn now and watching television.  My film crew will be getting in around midnight and then I am going to sleep and getting up at 6 am to shower and get ready to head out to my 8 am arrival time at CNY Fertility and Spa.  I am getting acupuncture prior to my 9:30 am retrieval.  I plan to take it easy tomorrow once I am released.  I got my Gatorade, brazil nuts and ground sirloin to make my burger tomorrow when I get in.  I love that my hotel has a full kitchen in the suite !  They serve breakfast and dinner daily as well have a wine social in the evenings, but I am not to keen on tomorrow’s dinner menu of stuffed chicken, lol.  So I will have a nice baked potato and a juicy steamed burger with cheddar and swiss.

Wish me success tomorrow !!    I am BLOATED !  I feel like someone injected my ovaries and abdomen with water.  Its a weird sensation, but it does not hurt.  I will update tomorrow after my procedure.

IVF 2 TRIGGER DAY !!! – The 411

baby- trigger shot

Today is trigger day !  It has been such a LOOOOONG time to get here since my miscarriage in June.  I have so many mixed emotions and am a bit nervous, but this is it !

Today, I spent most of the day at Niagara Falls in the garden for my besties wedding. It was simply beautiful.  They had the reception at a nearby hotel.  I felt bad that I had to leave an hour before it ended so that I could get back to my hotel and get ready for this 9:30 pm trigger shot.  I have 58 minutes until trigger time !

Tomorrow is a great day because all I have to do it take my prednisone, synthroid, prenatal, vitamin d, and folic acid. No injections !  woot woot ! 

My mom and I are going on the boat cruise around the Falls tomorrow and then will be driving the 4.5 hours to Albany.  My film crew is coming in from NYC tomorrow night at 11:30 pm.  I can have nothing to eat after midnight and I have to report to CNY at 8:00 am for acupuncture and my procedure is at 9:30 am. 

Please keep me, my eggs, and my soon to be embryos in prayer, in your positive thoughts, and in your hearts.  This entire journey is such a hardship and so painful.  At the end of it, we hope and pray that we have a baby or two in our arms.

IVF 2 Stim Day 11 …. LAST DAY OF STIMS ! – The 411

baby- 6th day of stims

HALLELUJAH !!!   This morning I went in for the baseline appointment before leaving for Canada.  En route to Canada, my nurse called to tell me to take my normal dose of meds tonight and take my trigger shot at exactly 9:30 pm on Saturday.  My egg retrieval is scheduled for 9:30 am on Monday !!

Today, I had additional follicles too !  So now I have a total of 14 and they are huge.  I am so glad that I have 14 follicles and hope I have a minimum of 14 good eggs in there to work with.  I know only 1/2 of those are viable normally and only 1/4 of them normally make it to blast.  

It took over 8 hours to drive to Niagara Falls.  Audi’s navigation system is CRAY CRAY !  I saw more or rural America than I care to see.  I have never seen so many trailer parks in my life !  The navigation system took us the scenic route and through the mountains on a lot of two lane highways.  I am used to driving wide open at 80-90 miles an hour and driving 65 or less was not my idea of fun.  My mother was asleep most of the way or reading a book on her ipad.  I ended up reinstating my Sirius radio because all of the stations were mostly country music and alternative music on regular FM.  I could not stand it one moment more, so I added the Sirius back and then I was good to go.

After arriving at the hotel, I immediately got settled in and did my injection.  We went down to the restaurant and ordered dinner and now I am relaxing in my suite watching Criminal Minds. 

I am looking forward to my bestie’s wedding tomorrow. I am going to get some rest and then head over to the Falls tomorrow afternoon for the wedding ceremony and reception. 

Sunday, my mom and I are going to take one of the cruises at the Falls and then drive 4.5 hours to Albany in the afternoon.  My film crew are coming to Albany early on Monday morning so the gang will all be back together…


IVF 2 Stim Day 10 – The 411

baby - ivf 2 stim day 10

Today is hopefully my LAST day of injections of all of the IVF meds.  I have a baseline monitoring appointment in the morning and I pray that I am given the instructions to trigger on Saturday night and report to CNY on Monday for my egg retrieval.  I am praying that the trigger does not give me OHSS.  I did not get it last time, but I know every cycle is different, including the amount of pain one experiences, if any. 

My tummy is a bit lumpy and has turn black and blue in places.  I am certain it is in part due to the Lovenox.  Blood thinners tend to make people bruise.

I am sending up prayers that everything goes smoothly and that in a few weeks I will get a BFP with two baby girls 🙂

I will update tomorrow after I get to Niagara Falls.



IVF 2 Stim Day 9 – The 411

baby - ivf 2 stim day 9

This morning I went in for my baseline appointment and the scheduler forgot to lock  me in. My appointment was initially scheduled for 7:45 am and I had to be scheduled at 8:30 am.  I decided to walk across to the medical pavilion to the new lab and have my blood work done there instead of going to LabCorp after the baseline. 

My bladder was ridiculously FULL.  Today would have been a good day for Poise Pads !  I emptied my bladder then went to the lab.  I gulped down a bottle of water while I waited.  I went back to women’s imaging center and had my sonograms done.  Today I had 4 follicles on the left and 7 on the right !  Now I have a total of 11 follicles.  I started the process with only 7.  I feel a lot better.  I would be much happier if I had 20 + follicles, but I guess quality is better than quantity.

My facebook timeline has been inundated with negative postings.  Today, a friend of one of my facebook friends went into labor and delivered a stillborn baby which died in utero on the way to the hospital.  A few other ladies posted about how they had 12 follicles and only ended up with ONE egg… and other sad tales of woe.   I am already on edge and scared about this cycle because I was not taking all those supplements nor doing acupuncture since my miscarriage.  I worry about how many eggs I will get and if they are good quality.  Now I am freaking out that come Friday, when I do my next baseline, they will tell me to take more meds and do another baseline on Monday.  I am praying everything is coming along and I will be able to trigger on Saturday and report to CNY on Monday for retrieval.

Please keep me in your prayers.  This is all in God’s hands now…



IVF 2 Stim Day 8 – The 411

baby - ivf 2 stim day 8

Okay !  My ovaries feel like someone has injected them with fluid and my abdomen looks like it has been beaten with a yard stick while I slept.  I am tempted to drink Gatorade to help avoid OHSS but fear doing so before retrieval will do some damage since the sodium draws the fluid out of the ovaries..

I have again mastered the task of mixing IVF meds.  It is a piece of cake now.

I just feel so tired and overall kinda depressed.  I feel like I just wanna lay around and watch tv.  I was so miserable at my film premiere.  I just did NOT want to be there.  It was an amazing day, but I was not feeling it.

I go in for a baseline tomorrow morning and will have an idea as to where we are.  I am praying that I do not have to trigger until Saturday night !   Keep me in your prayers.   #jesusbesomerelieftomyovaries

IVF 2 Stim Day 7 – The 411

baby - ivf stim day 7

Today, I went in for a baseline appointment and was delighted that my follicle count is now up to 10 !!  Now I do not feel as bad.  I just do not want to go through this cycle and end up with just a few embryos, one or none.  That happens far too often with women on the various discussion boards I am on. 

Tonight, I injected my lovenox and then had to run out to drive one of my actors from Boston to the train station and then I came back, iced up, mixed my meds and then injected them.  My tummy is already starting to become bruised in a place or two. 

I am extremely tired and grouchy this cycle.  I was a bit tired the last stim cycle as well, but this time I feel drained beyond reason.

Somehow, I skipped a cycle day and not sure how I missed posting on Wednesday, but anyway, every night I pretty much do the same thing. 

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I will not have to trigger until Saturday and will head to Albany on Monday for egg retrieval.  I am trying to find a beach or a nice place to go between ER and ET.   It is pretty boring in Albany.  It reminds me too much of being in the country.  I am not used to visiting Walmart, Target and grocery stores or walking thru a mall as my form of entertainment.  The movie theater there was fun, as there is an IMAX and the shopping was great. This time, there is no need for me to go a shopping spree at Bye Bye Baby.  I will refrain from making any additional purchases until I pass the 25 week mark.  I will also not be telling anyone if I do get pregnant until after I pass the 25 week mark.  I am petrified of getting pregnant and suffering another loss.  All I can do is trust that God will allow me to be in His permissive will as well as His directive will.