Meet My Three Embryos ! – The 411

Today, I had my IVF #2 transfer.  All three of the embryos made it to day 5 blast !  YAY !!   I transferred them all.  One was a perfect 4AA, the second was a 2 AA and the third was a day behind growth-wise but the Embryologist said it looked good. 

Here are my little lionesses:

baby - IVF 2 Three 5 day Embryos

When I arrived at CNY this morning, I went up for acupuncture with a camera guy in tow.  The acupuncture session was so relaxing, I fell asleep !  I never sleep during the day like that. I was awakened and taken downstairs for my transfer.  My RE, Dr. Grossman, did my transfer.  After the transfer of all three embryos, I went back upstairs to the spa for the second acupuncture session.  I fell asleep AGAIN !   It was a nice nap. 

I left the center and headed straight to The Tailored Tea Room to get five buttermilk scones to take home.  I left there and then my mom, cameraman/producer headed to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  After lunch, we hit the road to DC.  I drove 1/2 way and then my cameraman/producer drove the other 3.5 hours.  We did not hit any traffic stalls and I rested in the back seat until we got to Reston, VA then I hopped out at a grocery store to get a pineapple so that I could cut the core. 

My mom cut the core out for me and then I sliced it into 5 pieces and ate the first nights piece. 

My doctor told me to take it easy and that this would be a great week to just chill out on the sofa and watch movies, eat healthy fruits, veggies, and food, and RELAX….  I intend to do JUST that ! 

I have made a list of veggies that I want my mom to pick up from Whole Foods tomorrow and the Farmers Market and I am going to lie around her house and let her pamper me.  It was hilarious that the acupuncturist assumed that my cameraman/producer was my partner !  He instructed me to relay and just let him so all the work.  LOL



2 thoughts on “Meet My Three Embryos ! – The 411

  1. Yay! I’m so glad things went well and you had 3 embryos transferred. I hope you have a wonderful, restful week and that your 2ww goes by quickly!


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