Gas & Bloating – The 411

baby - bloating

Yesterday, while at dinner, this awful gas bubble seemed to form in my abdomen.  I felt like maybe I had been sitting too long and I stood up and noticed my stomach was distended and the bloating was not fun.   I came back to the hotel and curled in a ball with the heating pad on my tummy.

This did not start until after I started using the Endometrin.  I am not sure if it is bloating from egg retrieval setting in late or if it is a side effect of the Endometrin.  The website for the drug states that bloating and gas are typical side effects. 

I am going to the drug store in a few to get some extra strength gas ex so that I can get this air out of my tummy !

Yesterday I took Dulcolax and took three.  Maybe a bit too much !  I was stuck in the suite most of the day but at least now that part of me is cleaned out. The infertility meds and all the supplements tend to retard bowel function a bit and make you more on the constipated side.  No matter how much coffee, water, or fluids you drink, there is still a slowed bowel function.

This moving gas from under my breastbone to my ovary area is not the business !  I wish I could stick a straw in my belly button and let it out ! 



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