Good News – Fertilization Report Update – The 411



My nurse just called with an update and guess who has THREE EMBRYOS and waiting on the 4th to possibly catch up?  ME !!!!!

Me and God had us a little talk yesterday and again this morning and I surrendered to Him all of my anger, all of my disappointment, and all that rage and I told God that I am trusting in Him to turn this around because I know ONLY He can and I KNOW He was NOT going to forsake me.  I promised Him that I was going to stand on HIS WORD and He is not a man that He would lie.  After that little talk, I felt this peace wash over me like a waterfall and at that point, I knew everything was going to be okay.

I can not tell you how relieved I am that I am still in the game.  The only sad thing is, we do not have enough time to thaw my frozen embryo to transfer that one too.  I would have to wait until Monday to do that and I do not want to risk the other embryos just to thaw that one.  If necessary, I will do an FET later.  The FETs are included in my contract so I would only have to buy the meds.  I report to the fertility center on Saturday an hour a half prior to my transfer so that I can do acupuncture.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.  For those who do not believe that prayer changes things, there is your proof !

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