IVF 2 Stim Day 3 – The 411

baby - ivf 2 stim day 2

 Today, I mixed my meds with ease and worked out a schedule for getting them all in and spaced far enough apart that they do not react or cancel each other out.

Yesterday, I tried to inject the meds with the 25 gauge needle and the needle would NOT go in !  I went through FIVE needles then finally just used the insulin ones. Today, I went back to the original game plan and I iced for 20 minutes before trying to inject and it went in with ease and I did not feel it.

I did my two injections in record time and then I iced the injection sites again for 15 mins or so and surprisingly, tonight I did not get the dreaded Lupron headache.

I got the shock of my life tonight when I went to the store to get fitted for a new bra because NONE of my gorgeous bras fit since my miscarriage and I was spilling out of the ones I have. I knew that my breasts were porn-star status bigger than my usual 36C, but I almost fell out when the lady in the lingerie department told me I was now a 36….. DDD !  WTH?  WHAT the WHAT????? 

My name is NOT Pamela Anderson… I do not do DDD ! If they got THAT huge in that short of a time, what in the world will they look like after 40 weeks and then milk coming in?  I will have utters at that point !  Talk about a woman as nervous as a hooker in church !  LAUD !

Okay ladies, I will keep you updated !!   I go in for monitoring on Friday, then Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week.  I am in Washington this week and next for my film premiere, so I made my monitoring appointments with a local hospital’s Radiology department and will do blood work at LabCorp.


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