IVF #2 Stim Day 1 – The 411


baby - ivf 2 stim day 1

This morning, I went in for blood work and a baseline transvaginal ultrasound (gross).  I have about 14+ tiny follicles, no cysts, a 3.something lining, and my blood work came back good.

I thought I would have one day before I become the human pin cushion, but nope… it starts tonight.

This cycle, since I am skipping the BCPs and Estrace, I take the Femera the first five days of the cycle.  I am taking 5 units of Lupron, Gonal-F 450 units, Menopur 150 units, Lovenox 30mg, Femera 10 mg a day, Prednisone, 5mg a day, my Synthroid , 1200 mg of vitamin D, Folic acid, and Prenatal Plus in the am and Innate Whole Food Prenatal vitamin at night. 

I am ready for this and surprisingly not nervous about mixing the meds nor sticking myself at all.

This is working out great because I will leave from my friend’s wedding and drive to Albany for my procedures.  I will have my team meet me there on the 25th to film the entire ordeal.  My producer is downstairs working on footage now that OWN has requested to incorporate into a reality series I have signed on to star on. 

Okay ladies, THIS IS IT ! (I just channeled Michael Jackson) lol.   Wish me a TON of sticky baby dust and send up prayers that THIS IS IT !!   #twinsorbust




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