Happy As A Pig In Slop – The 411

baby - pig in slop happy

I emailed my RE at CNY Fertility Center and Spa this morning and asked him if I would have to take Estrace orally at day 21 or birth control pills for a month, given that I developed cysts on my left ovaries on the count of Estrace last time, and he said I could skip the estrace and pills and he would go ahead and start me on stims as long as my baseline and blood work come back okay.  Hopefully I will have no cysts and my lining will look good and all my blood tests will read normal.

I am so happy about this, although now I am starting to fret.  I hope I get a bunch of healthy egg, healthy embryos , and they make it to day 5 !

After that, I worry about getting a BFP….. then I worry that I will go in for an ultrasound and get bad news that my babies are not growing… then I worry that I will make it to week 20 and go into labor because of an incompetent cervix…  I worry… I worry… I worry !

So then, I said to myself, ” SELF!”  and my self responds, ” HUH?”… Then I said, “Self, stop worrying about stuff you can not control and exercise some of that faith you have been preaching about !”  How is that your lips are not preaching the same sermon?” … Then my self said, ” Sure ur right !”   End of convo !    I pulled myself back together and decided that I will allow myself to be happy about this process.  I will not give into fear and I WILL TRUST GOD, no matter what !

Will let you all know how my baseline goes tomorrow morning… wish me luck !



4 thoughts on “Happy As A Pig In Slop – The 411

  1. Love your attitude, but truth be told, you will worry about your children from pre-conception until the day you die! Ugh…the bitter truth of parenthood!


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