And The Cramping Begins- The 411

baby- menstrual cramps

Thursday afternoon, I started experience CRAMPS !  Like the ones that hurt so bad it feels like little monsters are inside TWISTING THE CRAP out of your ovaries !  Yep… those !  I had a little light spotting and this continued until Friday night.  This morning, MY BIRTHDAY, of all days, nothing !

I called CNY Fertility Center and Spa and spoke with my nurse to inquire about this extremely light spotting and I was concerned about doing a baseline since it stopped.  Low and behold, that was NOT my period.  UGH !  I learned that my beta is dropping to levels where my body realizes that it is not pregnant so my period, a full flow, is looming.

On one hand I was relieved because now I have a little breather to get the rest of my meds and a little time to wrap my head around going through this next IVF cycle.  The first one was a breeze.  I was a ball of emotions, but it was easy after I go the hang of the injections.  Women have warned that every cycle is different. 

I am kinda excited about this cycle because it means I could actually get pregnant with the twins I so desperately want, and on the other hand, it could mean a BFN or another loss.  All I can do is try to stay positive and know that God is in control and I have to trust Him no matter what.  I have to believe that this will happen in Kyros, not Cronos. 

Patiently waiting for my menses, which, if those deadly cramps were any indication, are going to be HELL ! 



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