baby- blood work



UGH UGH UGH !!!!!  I have been going in for beta draws every single week.  I went from 9500+ to 895 to 151 to now 29!  Um… can we get to zero already?

As soon as my beta drops to zero, my menses should begin and I will go in for baseline and will be able to start stimming for my next cycle.

I have already started ordering my meds in small quantities so my purse will not go into shock again !  I did find a site,, where you can buy meds from women who had left over meds or cancelled cycles.  You just have to have them ship it Fedex COD, open the box to verify contents and check expiration dates, etc and then hand over the money to Fedex.

I got my Menopur from there for only $150 per box, instead of $398 per box !  Woot Woot !

I go back on Tuesday for my next beta and hopefully it will be zero.  That will be five weeks since my procedure, so within another two weeks, I should be at zero… I hope !





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