Arrested Development at 6 weeks 2 days – the 411

Arrested Development at 6 weeks 2 days - the 411

I went in to see my RE at his urging after last week’s sonogram showed that the embryo was smaller than should be by a few days.

When Dr. Singer did the ultrasound yesterday, the embryo is still measuring 6 weeks 2 days, although I have had no cramping, no bleeding, nothing…

I was 8 weeks yesterday.

The nurse drew my blood and Dr. Singer suspects that my beta will have dropped since last weeks reading of 8000.

I was given the choice of scheduling a suction d&c, taking cytotex to induce an abortion, or waiting for the miscarriage to happen naturally. Needless to say, I was devastated, but at the same time, knew that there were risks of early miscarriage.

If I do a suction d&c, then the embryo will be sent off for genetic testing so that I will know what if anything was chromosomally abnormal and what the gender was.

After reading up on cytotec, a drug which makes your cervix turn to mush to induce an abortion, I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of inserting two pills in to my hoo-haw, two in my mouth, and then waiting for cramping and bleeding and the expulsion of a fetus that I am to collect in a sterile cup and stick in my fridge and take back to the doctor. NOT !

I am definitely not going to sit around and wait weeks for this to happen naturally, as I want this over so that I can move on.

Once my beta is zero, I can start stimming for another egg retrieval to freeze all embryos, but I have to wait until September to do the frozen embryo transfer.

I am left to follow my own advice given to women on the boards… brush it off and keep fighting…

My mom wants me to look into donor egg cycles to decrease the chance of this happening again. I think she was more hurt than I was…

I am going to do another egg retrieval and just go thru FETs until all the embryos are gone. If I do not have a live birth from those, then I will go to donor eggs at the end of the year.

10 thoughts on “Arrested Development at 6 weeks 2 days – the 411

  1. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss! I’ve lost three and it never gets easier. You have a great attitude about moving forward and that will get you through. I constantly remind myself that at the end of this journey, I WILL have a baby…not sure in what package/method it will come…but it will come.


  2. I am so sorry. I really hoped this would work out for you the first time. I’m going through a loss with DE IVF right now and I share your broken heart. You’re very courageous for being willing to keep going. I just want to give up myself and we have frozen blasts too.

    Why are they making you wait until Sept for the FET – to allow your uterus time to heal? That seems like a long time relative to my past experience but every RE is different.

    As for cytotec vs D&C via suction, I’ve done the former once (didn’t work and total devastating, drawn out disaster – not recommended) and the latter twice (devastating but “successful” though it took weeks for the hCG to leave my system as it may yours, just warning you). My thoughts and prayers are with you, whatever you decide and do next.


  3. Ugh, I am so sorry. I have been there and it is just about the worst. Having done all three options, I’d recommend the d&c. I got an infection when I used cytotex and doing it naturally is extremely painful and a long process. For what it’s worth. So, so sorry 😦


  4. I have spoken to my fertility clinic RE and his recommendation is to do the D&C with genetic testing on the embryo and to wait till my period and then start stims to do another fresh cycle, freezing only those which make it to blast that we do not transfer. He feels that a fresh transfer has better success than fresh and he sees no need for me to wait until September, which is what my NYC RE suggested. I am going to proceed and do another fresh transfer of 3 embryos and keep going. Hopefully, I will get my twins. If I have frozen ones, in addition to the one I already have from the first cycle, I will continue with FETs until I exhaust all the embryos then look at donor egg cycle. My doctor feels that I will have success with the next cycle, as my embryos were all perfect quality. He said that it is possible that there was a chromosome issue with the embryo that is no likely to repeat in another pregnancy if it were a trisomy issue. The genetic testing will be back in about a week after my D&C.

    I am very surprised that a loss occurs with DE. That is supposed to be a sure bet… wow…


  5. Thanks everyone. I see my OB on Friday for a pre-surgical consult and he will do the D&C early next week as I have requested. Once I get a period, I will go in for day 3 baseline and start stimming for another fresh cycle, freezing any blasts I do not transfer. My RE at CNY Fertility Center and Spa feels there is no need for me to take a break and feels confident I will get pregnant again. I am going to address a tooth that needs to be pulled before I start stimming. I should have had a root canal a year ago and kept putting it off and I wonder if the tooth that is slowly decaying could have contributed to this….


  6. I know I’m a little late in this, but I wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know this cannot be easy, especially after infertility treatments. I lost my two boys after 2 years of trying to conceive them. Sending love and hugs to you.


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