Second Intralipid Infusion Day – The 411

Second Intralipid Infusion Day - The 411

Yesterday, I had to trek to Albany to my fertility center to get my second intralipid infusion. Because I was in DC visiting family, I had to leave at 11pm to get to Union Station, take a midnight bus to NYC and then take a cab to Penn Station to head to Albany. I get to Albany at 8:45am and then hail a cab to take me to Latham to the clinic.

The cab driver starts signaling for others who were going to Empire Plaza to get in the car and I was like NO, SIR ! I do NOT do ride share ! I need my own cab to take me directly to where I am going unless this ride is free or the price is shared ! He then cuts $10 off my fare and we leave. I get to CNY and check in and wait until my 10am appointment for the infusion. The nurse comes for me and we go into the infusion center and she goes over all my info, current meds, etc. She congratulates me on my pregnancy and then sticks me and puts the IV in with fluids and then the intralipids in a second line.

The infusion took about 35 mins. While I was in there, Dr. Ditkoff came by to say hello and to congratulate me, as my RE (Reproductive Endocrynologist) in NYC is a friend of his and text him the week before when I got my BFP (big fat positive). He heard I was in the building and wanted to come by and say hi ! How sweet !! All of my other nurses stopped by to congratulate me and they remembered my mom and film crew and asked how everyone was.

I called the car service that a lot of people use at CNY and the local hotels to pick me up by the time my appointment was over to take me back to Amtrak to take my train back to DC for the weekend, as my home church was having a huge gospel concert that night with several recording artists, in celebration of the 150th church anniversary.

Once I got to Philly, there was an announcement that we were being held in the station indefinitely because of a police investigation. I learn that some one decided rush hour was the perfect time to jump in front of a moving train down South in Baltimore and with the investigation by police that ensued, we were stuck for almost TWO HOURS on the track with no where to go ! I felt bad that someone felt they needed to do that, as clearly death is never the better alternative as life has ebs and flows, ups and downs and faith in the link that bonds us to God and lets us know that things WILL get better if we look up…. BUT, I would have appreciated just a little bit had that person not used the trains to do that especially after I had been traveling since 11PM the night before and it was now 4 pm and we did not leave until 6…. #nothappy #pissedoff Did I mention that the Cafe Car was PACKED three whole cars back to the end of the line ! I digress… my blood pressure was about to go back up ! lol.

Eventually we left Philly and I got back to bright sunshine, though I left during a torrential downpour, and drove to my mom’s house with little traffic. I did not get back until after 8pm.

I do not have my next infusion until June 12th. I may have to fly to Albany and cut out all this travel by train, as it is proving to be too much wear and tear on me. I have first trimester insomnia, and I only sleep for 3 hours or so at a time, if that.

I AM SIX WEEKS PREGNANT !!!! Next up, second ultrasound on Monday in NYC ! Woot Woot !

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