First Sonogram – 5 weeks – The 411

First Sonogram - 5 weeks - The 411

On the 14th anniversary of my father’s death, I had my first sonogram. My mother went with me.

I was very sad when only one sac was present. My mom was as well because she was hoping for triplets and I, twins. I am holding out hope that there is another hidden one in there that is too early to be seen. I transferred three embryos with the hope that two would stick and I feel really selfish for feeling down about not having twins.

I am very grateful that one stuck and I do know that my donor has mostly girls. I am sooooo hoping that this little one is a girl ! I do have another frozen embryo that was perfect so I will transfer that frozen one as soon as I possibly can after having this little one on Christmas Day.

I have to go back for another sonogram in a week so that I can see the heartbeat. It is so amazing to see the little life growing inside on a screen. It really makes it real !

3 thoughts on “First Sonogram – 5 weeks – The 411

  1. Congrats and look at the bright side – you are pregnant! Also, your chances of giving birth on or very near Christmas are much better with a singleton than multiples. I understand the disappointment but you really do have so much for which to be thankful. All the best!


  2. Thanks ! I spoke with my OB already and told him NOT to make any plans for early am Christmas Day because he was cutting my baby out LOL. He called to congratulate me after receiving a text from my RE. I am very grateful and this baby girl will be such a blessing… I will do a a FET with the frozen embryo as soon as I can after this one comes out 🙂


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