It Is Official …. I AM PREGNANT !!

It Is Official .... I AM PREGNANT !!

I went in for my first beta yesterday and it started as the day from hell ! I left at 2 am enroute to NYC and of course, after the torrential rain storms, there was a major accident on I 95. We sat on the interstate for 1.5 hours, so I got to NYC an hour and half late. I intended to make my appointment at 7 am but I got there at 8:30am instead.

I got my beta and rushed downtown to get to Penn Station to catch a 9:30 am to leave for DC. To make matters worse, I only had time to grab a bottle of juice on the way out.

I got to DC and my fertility clinic called to make sure I went in to Lenox Hill Center for Human Reproduction for the beta. They then called them to see if the results were in. I got a call fifteen minutes later from the nurse at CNY and she said the results of the labs were not back and they close early on Thursday, so she would call the next day.

WHAT? WHO is going to wait until tomorrow? Hmmmmp !

I called Lenox Hill and asked that they have Dr. Singer call me. He called last night, after I sat around moping thinking something must be wrong since the nurse could not give me results over the phone… I had started planning my next cycle in my head LOL.

Dr.Singer called and said CONGRATS !! You are pregnant !! Your beta is 68 and progesterone is 11.something… that is all I heard ! lol

CNY doesn’t know yet, so they will call me when they open after 7 am. I am pretty sure I go back for the next beta on Monday. I hope there is more than one in there !

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