Day Five of Stims – The 411

Day Five of Stims - The 411

I am on my fifth day of injections. The injections went smoothly tonight. I did notice that I have a small bruise on the left side of my tummy where I stuck myself three of four times on day three of stims trying to get the needle in and it would not go so I moved down below the navel and it went in with ease.

I have one more day and then I am back in New York for a monitoring appointment followed by filming of my docu-series.

I am still experiencing a dull headache from time to time, but it is not constant. Lupron headaches are not joke when they start up but I have figured out that if I take Tylenol within two hours of the injections that my headache doesn’t kick in. I do have them about mid morning. I have increased my fluid intake which is supposed to help avoid the Lupron headache.

I have not noticed much change in me except I am craving milk (which I do not like). I bought a box of Frosted Flakes and will eat a bowl of that since I am craving it. I only have cereal maybe three times a year ! I have been craving cheese the past two days as well.

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