Last Baseline Appointment Before Stims – the 411

Today I had to go in for blood work and a baseline ultrasound because my cute little cycle decided it wanted to show up a whole day earlier than anticipated.  I had a bunch of blood drawn and then had the dreaded transvaginal ultrasound while on CD2.  (yuck)

Image – as you can see, my arm bruised again 😦

Luckily, the ultrasound showed 13-14 antral follicles and NO CYSTS !  Hallelujah !


baby- last baseline appt b4 stims - ultrasound – the ultrasound machine and the magic wand 😦


I got home and got my results.  My TSH was only .86 this time since my Internist upped the Synthroid to 175mg.  It was 3.0 last month and it is only supposed to register between 1-2 for optimum conception.  My other hormone levels were normal.

I am a bit overwhelmed since I have been given my instructions for my injection meds.  OH EM GEE !  There are so many little steps.  I am sure I will be a pro by the 14th when I have my last baseline possibly and then go to HSG trigger and then hit the airport to fly into Albany for my procedure on the 16th or 17th.  I am going to push for the 17th so that I can make sure my 5 day falls on Monday and not on Sunday.  I do not want to rush my lil twins along !  I want them put in on Easter Monday, the full five days.

I will be watching the instructional videos on the injections over and over again.  How often does one get to do the first IVF stim injections on camera for a reality series?  What is my life ?  🙂


2 thoughts on “Last Baseline Appointment Before Stims – the 411

  1. The injections aren’t as bad as you think! I was terrified – I cried watching the videos last Sunday. After I did my first two injections Monday I wasn’t phased by it at all. Good luck!!!


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