Recipe for Homemade Postpartum Relief Pads- soothing the nether region The 411


Step 1: Assemble your ingredients!

-Extra Long, Super Thick Maxi Pads
-Lavender Oil
-Witch Hazel (make sure it’s alcohol free)
-Aloe Vera Gel (not liquid)


Step 2: Slather a good amount of aloe vera all over the pad


Step 3: Pour a tablespoon of witch hazel evenly over the pad


Step 4: Add a few drops of lavender oil


Step 5: Fold in the tabs and leaving the rest of the pad unfolded, wrap in foil.


Step 6: Continue making more pads until you have a big stack of them. Place them in the freezer and store them there until you are ready to use them.

Can’t wait for you ladies to put these to the test! And I hope they bring some relief to you other expecting mamas! Leave comments !!

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