Damned Ovarian Cysts – The 411

Damned Ovarian Cysts - The 411

Today I went in bright and early, time change and all for my CD3 baseline and blood work appointment in anticipation of starting my stims tonight.

The appointment was quick and all seemed well. On my way back home, a few hours later, I got a call from Greta, the travel nurse, at my fertility clinic to inform me that they found two ovarian cysts on my left ovary and I had two options, one- take birth control pills for a month to shrink or get rid of the cysts, or two- wait until my next period and start estrace all over again and it would be two months before retrieval.

I was sad, but I realized that by postponing a month, that puts me even closer to a December 24th birth date or maybe even a New Years birth date.

Things happen for a reason, but of all times, WHY do I not have to do egg retrieval on Good Friday? I guess Easter is as good a time as any to become with child ! 🙂

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