Okay ! The LAST thing I need at this stage of my journey is a screw up or to be stressed out.

I called CNY to follow up to make sure my “baby daddy” in a vial had arrived safely. According to FedEx, the package was delivered on Wednesday. CNY nurses checked and said it was not there ! WTH?

I call Xytex and told them that when I placed the order, I TOLD the lady I was speaking with that the address she quoted me was not the address I have for CNY. She stated that it is “probably the labs address.”. Thinking that surely Xytex does this everyday that they knew what the hell they were doing… WRONG !

They sent my frozen sperm to a medical plaza with a zillion different offices in it and not ONE office there belonged to my doctor.

I call Xytex and they get a supervisor who proceeds to tell me that I was at fault if the address was incorrect. EXCUSE ME? First of all, Xytex records all conversations so go pull the order conversation and in it you will clearly hear me tell the person taking my order that the address I have is different ! Moreover, I am not a Xytex employee. My job is to pay for genetic material I need so that I can have a healthy baby(ies), not take money, package and ship sperm to where it is supposed to go !

I speak with Lois, the supervisor, and she tells me she was going to see what she could do and get back to me. She asked if my doctor’s office could pick it up since it is only a mile away. WHAT? I do not know them like that ! What do I look like calling CNY and asking them to make a sperm run? Really? REALLY?

I told her to call FedEx, tell them XYTEX screwed up and put the incorrect address on the airbill (aka SHYT HAPPENS) and have the pick up my box and redeliver TODAY before my package is no good. It has two more days of life !

I hang up, track down a phone number for the medical plaza where the package was delivered and they said they do not have any unaccounted for packages. They would have possibly called FedEx to pick it up since it did not belong there.

I called FedEx and learn that the drop off location called and arranged for pickup and gave them the correct address. My “baby daddy” in a vial was delivered this morning after I initially called CNY to check on its arrival.

That was hours ago… do you think Xytex has called me back yet with an update? NO !

I am beyond stressed out at this moment, but calming down now that everything has worked out.

Xytex sucks ! I can not stomach a business that tries to lay blame everywhere but where it should be. You made a mistake, OWN IT !

I think I need a massage now… lol

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