It’s About To Go Down ! – Freak Out 101

It's About To Go Down ! - Freak Out 101

I can not believe that in a few short days, I will injecting myself with medications to FINALLY begin the process of becoming someone’s Mommy ! Wow !

I have never felt like I have been on “period watch” until now. I am waiting patiently for CD28 (Saturday) to get here so that my period starts. That marks CD1 and on Monday, I will be at my NYC RE’s office having a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork done, followed by a “class” with the nurse on how to draw up my meds and inject myself.

I am going out tomorrow to buy an ice pack and a bottle of Ambesol to help with injection site pain and irritation.

After months and months of research, lots of praying and tons of planning, it is about to go down ! IVF #1 !!

I am really blessed that my IVF clinic ran a one week discount on rates prior to the new price hike and I got two IVF cycles for $1700 less that the normal price.

I am very excited, but sooooo scared of this not working. I am placing my faith in God that all will be as I desire.

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