More Meds – The 411

I have no idea why I get so excited and overwhelmed every time Freedom Fertility Pharmacy sends a box via FedEx with medications for me !


The Box !!


The Meds !


My Lovenox (blood thinners) !   YAY!!!

My dresser looks like I am starting a small pharmacy, but I know that in those boxes, bottles, and packs are my medications to help me get the twins I want.  Fear is starting to sink in that I will have problems giving myself injections and I almost want to go camp at my sister’s house.  She is an RN.  I am sure I will get it done, but I am excited and scared at the same time.  Today is CD 12 and on CD 21, it starts !

2 thoughts on “More Meds – The 411

  1. Exciting! Good luck with your cycle!

    The injections are really NOT hard, at least I didn’t find them difficult or particularly painful and I think most women don’t (though if you have a needle phobia, disregard what I just said). If you let the needle do the work – hold the tip against the skin you’ve pinched together and let it sink in – it’s over before you know it. The needle gauges are so high (meaning the size of the needles is so teeny tiny), they do all the work if you let them.

    Also, I’d suggest leaving the needle in for a few seconds after you finish injecting otherwise sometimes fluid (and blood) can seep out if you extract too soon. I’ve never done PIO for IVF, so that might be different (I had PIO before when I was underweight and didn’t get my period but I never did the shots). Hope it all goes smoothly for you.


    • Thanks!! I will have Crinone gel for progesterone thank God ! I do not have the PIO, which I understand HURTS ! (large needle). I am not afraid of needles, but and not particularly fond of sticking myself either LOL. It is for a good cause so hopefully all of this will yield two healthy little twin girls 🙂


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