Time Is Ticking !

Time Is Ticking !

Today, I received some of my medications from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy ! My doctor and I discussed adding some meds to my protocol to increase the chances of my IVF taking.

In addition to Gonal F-450, Menopur-150, Lupron, and antibiotic, we added Femera (days 5-9), Prednisone, and Intralipids. After transfer I will be taking Crinone Gel.

I feel like a kid at Christmas receiving my meds because I know they will help me achieve my dreams of having twins ! I am feeling mixed emotions. I realize how much my life will change. Basically, my life will no longer be my own. I will be responsible for another PERSON ! I can not sleep when I want, not that I sleep that much anyway, but still…

I am excited about having a little person to nourish, love, and help shape. I am also excited to see the little persons personality emerge and see what their dreams and aspirations are…

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