Moving Along In The Process – the 411

I am moving along in my process and will be starting my estrogen priming protocol in a few weeks.  I have to take Estrace for 7 days with the start of my period and go in for baseline and ultrasound.  After this, the next month, I start my injection meds, which are going to be a lot less costly than I thought now that I have been introduced to Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. 

I have selected one donor that I think is somewhat the male version of me LOL.  I am still combing through profiles on two cryobank sites looking for 3-4 more donors and then my siblings, mom, and friends will have a donor selection party to select “HIM”.

I can not wait until March when I go in for my retrieval and transfer.  I am praying that all goes well with my medication protocol and that I produce healthy eggs and enough that I can have twins.  I was speaking to another lady today and she transferred three embryos and is having TRIPLETS !  That I do not think I could handle, but I know I will never do selective reduction either.  I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.  I will see where I am after the retrieval and decide then how many embryos to transfer.  The doctor suggested transferring as many as 5.  SAY WHAT?  I can not see that happening, being that they may ALL take ! 


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