Is It Okay To Completely Freak Out?

Is It Okay To Completely Freak Out?

Okay- So over the past week I have been searching like a mad woman for the perfect donor. I FINALLY found one I like after talking to a geneticist who had IVF using donor sperm who is on a forum I am on.

I got my medication list and quote from my doctor and I seriously in shock that the meds cost MORE than my IVF procedure. I figured with the discount my meds would be $1500 or less but they cost is over $3500 ! WOW ! There goes my favorite stroller and an over the top but on a budget nursery 🙂

The ladies on the forum suggested I call my OB GYN’s office and ask is they have samples of GonalF450, Menopur150, Lupron, HCG Trigger Shot, Estrace, and Cronone Gel 8% and to also inquire if any patients have donated unused meds for the use of other patients who are having IVF.

I am trying to stay calm but all of this is a bit overwhelming. It is hard enough that I am now at PLAN B but now these little surprises are starting to weigh on me. I guess that is what life is… the unexpected and we just have to make it work.


2 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Completely Freak Out?

  1. My meds cost as much as my cycle minus the ICSI. Thankfully, my insurance covers meds (but no procedure costs).

    Freaking out happens on this journey, whether it’s okay or not. Now’s a better time to be freaking out than when you’re in a cycle and trying to keep your body free of unnecessary cortisol. I hope you can get some donated meds; that’s illegal where we are so not an option.

    And you can get pretty posh strollers second hand sometimes – have you considered that? Craigslist and other places can be an option as well as good consignment children’s store. I’m a professional like you, with a couple of degrees, and a decent income but I have no problem shopping at our local consignment shops specialized in clean, quality pregnant mom and post natal/children’s goods.

    Whatever you do, good luck along this journey!


    • My freakout ended quickly once I took the advice of some other SMC ladies. I called Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and the meds are a lot cheaper than they are at the “hand-picked” pharmacy the clinic uses. I have to remain focused on the end goal and why I am doing this. This whole process is stressful and I am learning to roll with the punches. I did find my baby(ies) stroller(s) on Amazon for a lot less than on a posh baby site and I found it today even less on Ebay so I am excited about that. I am definitely going to be shopping consignment shops in NYC and near where my mom lives for great buys ! We have found baby items and women’s clothing with the tags still on them. My mom kept telling me not to sleep on the consignment shops ! lol. Thanks so much for the pep talk and support ! I am getting more and more anxious as March approaches 🙂


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