Getting Body Ready For Pregnancy – 101

Getting Body Ready For Pregnancy - 101

I have hired a personal trainer, joined a gym, and hired a dietician !

Call me vain, (note I am a commercial print model) but I refuse to look like Shamu while nor after pregnancy ! NO BUENO !

I decided that in order to be in the best health possible and deliver healthy babies, I need to drop below my ideal weight, follow the advice of a dietician and follow a strict high protein, organic veggies and fruit, no sugar-no starch diet, and expand my exercise routine.

I love boxing, so I will continue with that three days a week and will weight train with my trainer to tone and increase muscle. I am not running anywhere unless I am being chased so that it out ! I do love Zumba so I will enjoy that and some other dance based exercise classes offered at the gym. I am going to have to force myself to get up and out to be at the gym every morning at 5 ! YES 5 ! I am going to do this for my babies !!

Tomorrow I start acupuncture for infertility with the doctor listed as the “top doc” in the State.

I am now taking Prenatal Plus vitamins, Co-Q10, Biotin, Vitamin D, Calcium Citrate, and one low dose chewable asprin daily.

I am trying to build up the nerve to take Cod Liver Oil, as it noted as a good supplement to take according to Nourishing Tradition – the book I am reading.

I am eating one whole egg plus two yokes for breakfast with a strip of bacon and a Greek Yogurt. I also drink 2-3 large mugs of Fertility Tea Blend that I ordered. I drink a 1/2 cup of coffee some days and I am trying to stop drinking that all together ! I keep bottled water with me and drink as many as I can a day without floating away !

My lunch will consist of a salad with a vinegar based salad dressing and grilled chicken. Two days a week I will have beer battered cod (I will only eat fried fish) – plus we need the oil !

Dinner will be grilled or boiled veggies or a bowl of pinto beans or baby lima beans that I will slow cook on a ham bone.

Snacks will consist of: cheese, whole wheat Ritz, fruit, airpopped popcorn, bone broths,Greek yogurt, and protein shakes/smoothies.

I am not a milk drinker, so I will make sure I eat cheese or frozen yogurt daily.

Here’s to a new body and healthy road to becoming pregnant via in vitro !

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