Reasons to NOT use Assisted Hatching – the 411!

Reasons to NOT use Assisted Hatching - the 411!

I was researching today about assisted hatching- the procedure in which the doctor pierces the embryo to “help” it attach to the uterine wall. Well guess what…. it can cause DEFORMITY, DEATH, or CONJOINED TWINS ! I do not think so ! I have not waited ALL this time to have a baby and then get pregnant and have to deal with this. Not only can the increased risk of conjoined twins, deformity, or death be possible, but this procedure can cause other problems. (see below)

“Risks Associated with Assisted Hatching”

Unfortunately, there are some risks associated with assisted hatching procedures. In particular, assisted hatching procedures do seem to increase the likelihood that you will have identical twins (also known as monozygotic twins). This is because the micromanipulation technique used to break through the zona pellicuda can sometimes cause the embryo to split into two identical halves.

There is also an increased risk of:
damage to the embryo, potentially causing death
fetal complications
physical deformity
conjoined twins

The procedure can sometimes also cause complications for the mother, including:
high blood pressure
mood swings

I will take REGULAR OLE IVF with NO TINKERING for 1000 Alex ! 🙂

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